Looking back. One year after "the beast".

Almost one year ago to this day, a devastating wildfire coined as “the beast” seized the gateway into Canada’s Oil Sands, Fort McMurray, Alberta. The fire earned its named “the Beast” after charring roughly 590,000 hectares of land, and due to it having a mind of its own – which was menacing and unpredictable. On May 3rd, 2016, it did the unthinkable and hopped the Athabasca River jeopardizing all of Fort McMurray. Nearly 88,000 residents were abruptly informed that they needed to evacuate the city. Unimaginable footage of people escaping the city started to surface on social media, and then on the news, which captured the hearts of millions around the world. Our team was no different -  that day we stopped working and sat crowded around a computer watching in awe. Feeling helpless for Fort McMurray – we knew we needed to find a way to help.



Fast Labour Solutions and Spirit Staffing not only donated to the Canadian Red Cross – but was integral to helping Fort McMurray residents return home. We deployed our first crew on May 24th; at its peak we had 560 temporary workers, who all worked tirelessly around the clock to get vital services and infrastructure back to a safe working state. Throughout the summer our employees restored hundreds of structures including grocery stores, hotels, banks, restaurants, schools, and homes. Our employees showed resilience, and all were so grateful they were able to make a d