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Here are some answers to common questions we receive:

1. Do I have to pay to use your services?

No. Our services are completely free to all job seekers.

2. Do you only hire Indigenous & Aboriginal candidates?

No, we are an equal opportunity employer and although we specialize in Indigenous recruitment, we accept applications and hire from anyone and everyone. 

3. What type of assignments can I expect?

The type of assignments will vary based on which division you have registered with. Spirit Omega varies from administrative, professional, to technical assignments, whereas with Fast Labour Solutions ranges from general labour to skilled trades.

4. How long is each assignment?

Each assignment can have different lengths that range from a minimum of 4 hours, to weeks, months or years. The length of the assignment or contract will be disclosed prior to you accepting a position. In some cases, you could be hired permanently straight away or within a short period of time. If you accept an assignment with us, we ask that you commit and are available for the full duration of the job. You never know what kind of amazing opportunities a contract role may turn into!

5. How are assignments assigned?

Assignments are delegated based on a number of factors including; availability, skill/qualification, requirements and length of the assignments. Our recruiters work with you to find a job that is the right fit.  

6. How many times will I be assigned?

The number of times you can be assigned will also vary based on the type of jobs available, as well as your skill set, availability and willingness to work. Our recruiters try to keep placing you in new roles as much as possible, however we cannot guarantee hours or assignments. We do our absolute best to move you towards long-term permanent positions and a prosperous career.


7. Are you a 'day labour' agency?

No, we mostly focus on placing candidates in roles that are full-time or will lead to long term employment. We do not require you to come to our office daily, once you have registered at our Fast Labour Solutions office and have been interviewed, a recruiter will work with you to find suitable employment. Please note: Industrial applicants can be dispatched daily and are typically given 24 hours’ notice.


10. Do I have to be a Canadian citizen to apply?

Currently, we do not have the ability to issue Labour Market Opinions (LMO’s) and therefore, cannot hire foreign workers unless you have an open work visa. That being said, we highly value diversity and recognize the value that immigrants and non-Canadian citizens bring to their roles, so once you have a valid visa we invite you to apply to the roles that you do qualify for.


It is important to note that because most of our assignments start immediately and clients typically meet potential candidates face-to-face before offering a position, it is recommended that you already reside in the city of the job posting.


8. Who is responsible to submit my timesheet?

Timesheets are due by 9:00AM EVERY Monday for the previous weeks hours. You are responsible for ensuring we receive your timesheet each week. Yes, some supervisiors will submit them on your behalf, but please verify that we have received it. To print a timesheet click on the appropriate division and location. 


9. How often do I get paid and when?

For Fast Labour positions, we pay weekly, every Friday for the previous week's hours by direct deposit. If you do not have valid banking information, a cheque will be issued for pick up.


For Spirit Staffing, we pay either weekly or bi-weekly, in accordance with your client's schedules.


We pay in accordance with relevant Employment Standards legislation and according to provincial legislation.

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