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Spirit Omega & Fast Labour Solutions


Indigenous-woman owned companies

Committed to the Indigenous Peoples of Canada

Our commitment is based on three Pillars of Focus that support the Truth & Reconciliation Call to Action #92ii. This commitment is strengthened by our Indigenous Hiring Policy that is embedded in our brand, processes, and staff to ensure positive contributions to reconciliation in Canada

TRC Call to Action #92ii – Business & Reconciliation:

“Ensure that Indigenous Peoples have equitable access to jobs, training, and education opportunities in the corporate sector, and that Indigenous communities gain long-term sustainable benefits from economic development projects” 


"Spirit Omega and Fast Labour Solutions is dedicated to the development and
advancement of Indigenous Peoples through its three Pillars of Focus"

Aboriginal Talent Strategy_1.png


Strategically attract Indigenous Talent for employment

Enhance job opportunities for Indigenous Peoples by building and maintaining strong with clients who seek a diverse workforce

Promote and further develop pathways to long-term careers

Connect Indigenous talent to fair, equitable and meaningful employment

Ensure individual relationships with Indigenous Talent, and provide on-going employment mentoring and coaching

Aboriginal Talent Strategy_2.png



Strive to work towards reconciliation in Canada eliminating gaps, and creating bridges for change between Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous Peoples

Provide awareness and training to companies that seek to value and respect Indigenous Peoples values, traditions and culture, and history for a positive diverse workforce

Contribute, support, and engage with programs, events, services that seek to promote the employment of Indigenous peoples

Aboriginal Talent Strategy_3.png



Engage in positive collaborative relationships with First Nation and Metis Communities to provide sustainable employment between Indigenous members and Spirit Staffing clients

Work with educational organizations and institutes to provide requirements those companies seek, for hiring Indigenous talent

Partner with companies and organizations that demonstrate commitment to developing employment skills, training to employment, and recruiting/retention of Indigenous peoples


We support and adhere to the Canadian Legislation as outlined in the Employment Equity Act by the Government of Canada, and the Canadian Human Rights Commission of Canada:

“It is not a discriminatory practice for an employer to give preferential treatment to Aboriginal persons in hiring, promotion or other aspects of employment, when the primary purpose of the employer is to serve the needs of Aboriginal people.”

Our Hiring Policy Values

Indigenous Peoples Recruitment by Deanna DeSheas

We believe that every person has the right to equitable employment opportunities, advancement, and career progression based upon bona fide job requirements and qualifications.

We recognize that employment equity is a vital and fundamental right in Canadian society. 

Women Recruitment Diversity

We are committed to eliminating employment barriers, and identifying discriminatory and inequitable practices. 

We are driving change towards increased workforce representation of Women, Indigenous Peoples, People with Disabilities, and Visible Minorities.

People with disablities recruitment

We know that in order to achieve equal opportunity to employment in the workplace, no person should be denied employment opportunities for reasons unrelated to ability, gender, race, or religious beliefs.

We support and believe that employment equity means not treating people in the same way, and Employers require measures to accommodate differences.

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