President and Founder, Janice Larocque, a Metis-Woman from a small community in Manitoba...



Spirit Staffing opens!

Determined to remove these barriers and bridge the gap between Indigenous people and Corporate Calgary, she started her journey and opened Spirit Staffing

She was turned away from Entrepreneur programs, rejected by the banks for loans, & was told that her business was not viable.

The road was not easy for this determined entrepreneur-

she spent countless hours educating the industry that Spirit was just a regular ol' staffing agency, like the Nationals, but specialized in placing Indigenous people.

Well did she ever prove them wrong!  


Indigenous Barriers

After managing an Indigenous Career and Employment centre for 8 years, Janice was incredibly disappointed to see how many barriers Indigenous people faced when finding a job - let alone a career 


Our first major Clients!

 Husky & CP Rail

We secure contracts with our first

"Big Name" clients, some of which we are still working with 20+ years later


Fast Labour Solutions opens!

With a desire to keep growing we start providing staffing services for the industrial sector


Launch our Safety Training Division

Wanting to provide more comprehensive services for our clients, we start offering certified safety training

$1 Million In Sales


We reach our first major financial milestone after only two years of operations!


Launch of our Edmonton branch

Shortly after, Beatrice Floch, Owner/Managing Partner, launched the Spirit Staffing and Fast Labour Solutions brand in Edmonton. 


Economic Slowdown

As always, business is full of ups and downs and after years of prosperity, we too were effected by the global financial crisis...

And we are back on our feet!


But this slowdown didn't deter us! Soon after, our sales shoot back up to almost $2 million


Stoney Nation Floods

Continuing to help with the flooding devastation, we keep helping our fellow Albertans and send out more workers to help rebuild Stoney Nation


Calgary Floods

Wanting to help our community during this tough time, we sent out 300+ workers to help with clean up and the rebuild of our hometown


Rebuild After

Fort McMurray Fires

While shocked at the devastation, we don't hesitate and start to help rebuild by organizing work for 600+ workers 


Celebrating 20 years in business!

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And the award goes to...

Being well established now, we start receiving a lot of recognition for our work, with several awards including the:

  • Telus Trailblazer from RBC

  • Economic Developer of the Year from Cando

  • Small Business of the Year from Camsc


We welcome Exxonmobil to our team

Adding more major clients, we are awarded with the Imperial Oil & Syncrude contracts for their contingent workforce & RPO


Not only does Spirit continue to specialize in placing Indigenous peoples, but we support EVERYONE in their career endeavors. Our presence is across Canada, we hold Master Staffing Agreements with Multinational corporations, and service hundreds of private, public and not-for-profit organizations.


Thriving and continuing to grow

Fast forward to today, Spirit is celebrating over 20 years of business, has surpassed 40 million dollars in sales, is growing internationally and continues to flourish


We join forces with new partners and create Spirit Omega

To continue our growth and expand into new markets, Spirit Staffing & Consulting Inc. joins NSB-Omega and becomes Spirit Omega


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