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What a Year!

Wow, what a rollercoaster 2015 has been for Albertans – and our team is no different… but what a year it was!

We all experienced this year starting out with a constant hope for the market to pick up, which was continually pushed back. There have been so many changes to the job market that most people’s heads have been left spinning. However as this is not our first time going through this market cycle, while this was going on we were setting our team up for some great changes. We got working on ways to improve our offerings to our clients, such as:

  • Launched our online training portal – offering over 350 courses at the click of a button

  • Added Bear Awareness to our course offering, to align with Oil Sands initiatives to keep our workforce even safer

  • Our team of Safety Trainers leveled up in order to offer Global Ground Disturbance, rather than regional

  • Created a partnership to have Fusion Safety teach the OSSA Basic Safety Orientation right here in our offices

The latter half of the year brought great success to our team, as we were nominated for 5 awards! This brought a lot of excitement, work, travel and fun to our team while we prepared and participated in these competitions. We are honored and happy to say that this work paid off! Our team was first recognized for our work by being named a finalist and then again when we were awarded with 4 of the honours! Here is a quick look at each of the awards we won:

This fall, we also welcomed new members to Spirit Staffing – to our corporate recruitment team and a new leader for our sales and marketing initiatives. They have hit the ground running and have made a great addition to the team. While this year comes to a close, we both look back at the year past to reminisce on and learn from our experiences. The Spirit team plans on taking 2015 with us to catapult ourselves into the exciting and unknown year ahead.

Looking forward to a great 2016,

Janice Larocque

President of Spirit Staffing & Consulting and Fast Labour Solutions

Photo Credit: "Calgary [Explored]" by Jeff Wallace is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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