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How Best to Work with a Recruiter

Have you ever worked with a Recruitment or Staffing Agency before? If not, what reservations have kept you from utilizing this service? If you have, was it successful for you?

For many people, it is their lack of understanding of organizations, such as us, that prevent people from utilizing these services. Alternately, those who have spoken to agencies but not received a job will typically not go back because they see it as having ‘not worked’.

Those of you who would like help looking for work and are wondering what the best plan of action is, THIS IS THE POST FOR YOU! We are going to give you a brief ‘Recruiters 101’ overview on how to effectively work with us!

The first steps to start with are:

  • Before you do anything, remember that looking for work is a game of ‘First Impressions’! You will only get one chance at this so ensure that you, and your materials, are prepared and in tip top shape

  • Start by applying online, so the Recruitment team can have your information and resume at their fingertips

  • Double check your application and resume before submitting it

  • Ensure spelling, punctuation, grammar, details, and CONTACT INFORMATION are all up to par

  • Don’t slack on any details! Fill in as much information as you can – they are asking for it because it is useful for them and their process

  • Call and ask to speak to or meet with a Recruiter about the roles that they have available and your fit for future opportunities

  • Ask if there is any skill testing, security clearances, or other pre-qualifying steps that you could take to speed up the process

  • Most agencies have additional steps that they put short-listed candidates through once further along the process. However if you request to complete them early, you may set yourself into a group of people who can be placed into roles on short notice

After the initial contact, there are a few items that can help your with the follow through:

  • Understand the scenario and relationship that you have with a recruitment agency.

  • Most cannot guarantee you work but will try their best to find a role for you

  • Remember this when interacting with their team. It is important to be polite and kind to those helping you. Getting frustrated with their team is counterproductive to the relationship that you are building with them

  • Contact your recruiter to let them know that you are still available

  • Ensure that you check with the recruiter on 2 things

  • How often they would like you to contact them

  • What method they prefer to be contacted in

  • Even if you believe that it is perfect, you do need to rework your resume if the Recruiters request it from you

  • This is typically needed for each role to present yourself as a great fit for the specific requirements of each potential position

  • Recruiters see hundreds of resumes per week, so if they are giving you advice on ways to improve your resume LISTEN TO THEM!

  • Make sure to be honest about your interest in a specific role. If a recruiter brings a position to you that isn’t something you see yourself doing or a company you can see yourself working for, let them know right away!

  • It is best for the recruiter to know this right away, so they don’t waste their time. Additionally, it gives a bad impression if you pull out once you are further into the process – both on how the recruiter views you and how the recruiter is viewed by the company involved

  • By allowing your recruiter to put you forward for a role that you aren’t genuinely interested in, you could be taking the role away from a person that needed and would have loved the job. While this doesn’t affect you directly, remember that what goes around comes around!

Here are a few things to remember throughout the process:

  • Keep an updated copy of your resume in your email inbox to ensure that you can access it from anywhere. This can save hours in a recruiters day!

  • Surprises are a Recruiters worst nightmare – so do your best to let them know everything from the start!

  • If you are upfront about any bad references, skeletons in your closet, or things that you believe are barriers to employment, it will help to create a strong relationship with your recruiter. However, if they come out later and the recruiter doesn’t have the correct information it can prevent you from being put forward for a position

  • This can include:

  • Other agencies that you are working with

  • Positions that you are already being interviewed or considered for

  • Jobs that you have been laid off or dismissed from

  • Previous criminal record

  • Remember to be flexible and open with your schedule while looking for work

  • They may need you to come in or be available for a phone interview on the same or next day in order to meet deadlines

  • When a recruiter asks you to do something, ensure that you complete it at the earliest possible time! As many positions have short deadlines and there are a number of other candidates, getting things completed right away can make the difference between you getting a job over someone else.

While every recruitment team is different, let these serve as the basics for helping you work with Staffing agencies the next time that you are looking for work! If you are currently in the job market, we wish you the best of luck and encourage you to try these tactics out on our team.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

The Spirit Staffing team

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